'Biggest miracle': Mum gives birth to twins and IVF baby at same time

A British mum has just done what many would think is inconceivable (pardon the pun).

Beata Bienias from Wiltshire in the UK spent a decade trying for a baby and then she got everything she wanted all at once.

Attending her long-awaited embryo transfer, she hadn't yet realised that only days beforehand she had conceived twins naturally.

However,the IVF cycle was a success and the 36-year-old and her husband Pawel are now parents to three gorgeous babies.

They have Amelia and twins Borys and Matylda– who were born by c-section on December 13 at Royal United Hospital in Bath.

Beata tod the Metro, "I spent many days thinking that maybe I was the person who would never have a baby. I never, ever thought there would be three in there. I still can't quite believe it when I look at the three of them. I'm so happy."

Beata started injections in April 2018, with the embryo transfer was scheduled for May 2.

She continued, ''They tell you to wait for 14 days before taking a pregnancy test, but I couldn't wait, and I did one after nine days. When I saw those two lines, I went out and did about five or six more tests, just to make sure. It was just amazing

Beata and Pawel had no idea at that time that Beata was carrying three babies and ot was at the first scan that they discovered their amazing news.

Beata said, ''She told us there were three babies on the scan. It was the biggest miracle. I am enjoying everything. I feed them nearly every three hours, and I go for walks with them every day.''

She continued, ''My husband is absolutely proud of his three babies, and cuddles them every day when he gets home from work. I had no idea what to expect from being a mum-of-three all of a sudden. But I'm so happy.''

It turns out that dreams can come true.

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