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BFFs for life... 16 reasons having a sister is the BEST ever

Sisters: can't live with them, definitely CANNOT live without them.

From holding your hand through labour to giving you their 'nice' clothes for a work event, there is something special about having a person you can fight with one minute and hang out with the next. 

Whether you have a baby sister or an older one, you will definitely be able to relate to the following 16 things:

1. She's the only person you can tell where to stick their parenting advice, and still go out for coffee with after.

2. You can rob her fancy coats (and not feel too bad if your kid wipes their snot all over it).

3. She will always tell you the truth when it comes to baby matters. Sometimes for the best… sometimes not. 

4. It means your son or daughter will get to experience the joy of having an aunt.

5. You can bitch about your other half to her without feeling like you are ranting.

6. You've got a handy babysitter on tap (always a plus).

7. She'll call you out if you forgot to change out of your PJs for Sunday lunch. Again.

8. She will step up when you need a hand (even if it means having to get out of bed on her day off to help you with the school run).

9. She'll listen to you moan about your kids and not make you feel guilty for doing so (she'll probably agree with you in fairness).

10. She loves your kids almost as much as you do.

11. She'll pick you up when everything feels like it's falling.

12. She'll be your birth partner (if you ask nicely).

13. No one (and we mean NO ONE) understands your mother the way you two do.

14. She'll call you out for posting too many photos of her niece/ nephew on Facebook.

15. She'll help you keep your notions in check (you and your daughter are NOT like sisters).

16. She'll be the most excited when you tell her you are pregnant.

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