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Besties were reunited after 10 YEARS thanks to the power of social media

Ah, childhood best friends. The ones you met on holiday, or at summer camp, or at the childminders become intrinsic parts of the tapestry of your personal history.

This is why, when Twitter user Brianna (@briannacry) took to the social media platform to find the bestie she met on a dinner cruise in 2006, the entire world jumped on board. 

An online search party was formed to find Bri's long-lost friend, and it only took mere hours to find her. 

Prepare the tissues:

Heii was asked how she managed to get on Twitter so quick to be found, and replied: 

'Most of the friends that alerted me I’ve known since middle school!! I don’t think I changed much in the time span between elementary and middle school, so that’s why.'

The pair of besties revealed that they are speaking privately and reconnecting thanks to the Twitter search. 


After being urged to meet up in real life, Heii said that due to her college commitments and financial situation, she would be unable to travel to meet Brianna any time soon. 

In true social media revolution style, a Go Fund Me page was instantly set up to raise €5,000 to help the pair reunite in real life. 

However, Heii warned those who were following the reunion to be cautious, as none of the Go Fund Me pages were set up by either girls. 

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