'Belly Pumping' is the latest pregnancy craze and we can't believe our eyes

The Bloom Method has brought our attention to a new exercise which is set to take over pregnancy. 

Belly Pumping which is also known as 'Diaphragmatic Breathing with Deep Core Engagement' is the latest exercise that is sworn to have an endless list of benefits. 

But it's not just because it'll shock your eyes; apparently it helps to maintain a connection to the deep core muscles throughout your pregnancy. 

Which is just one of the reasons, The Bloom Method, believes every expectant mother should be adding the exercise to their daily routine. 


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According to experts other benefits include a decrease in lower back pain and pelvic pain due to the deep cores ability to stabilise the spine and pelvis. 

The exercise technique also decreases the chance of abdominal separation and provides more stability postpartum while speeding up healing times during the rehabilitative stage. 

And it's biggest plus? It helps to teach expecting mums how to effectively push during labour, which claims to speed up pushing time by over 70 per cent. 


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You can even try the exercise while driving, sitting at your office desk, cooking, or any other daily activities, so you don't need a specific time schedule.  

"The Belly Pump follows your breath with an inhale as the belly expands, Exhale as you activate your pelvic floor and transverse abdominis together. Keep the breath slow and controlled throughout the exercise!" states The Bloom Method's Instagram. 

The Bloom Method state they have 'revolutionised' pre and post-natal exercise, and with images like these we do not doubt that for a second. 


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Wow – this is mind blowing – there is an actual baby inside there! Incredible. 

Note: Do not partake in this exercise without consulting your doctor or being assisted by a professional. 

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