Baby bath time - enjoying a splash with your little one

While that first bath with your tiny newborn may seem a little tricky at first, bath time can become a great way to bond with your baby.

Enjoying a splash with your little one can be as much fun for you as it is for baby.

Why not try a few of these games and activities on your little water baby and see which ones makes him or her smile the most.

Babies 0-6 months

1. Sing simple songs to baby as you bath them – like "this is the way to wash your face."

2. Turn empty bottles into submarines, boats and even rocket ships.

4. Play Eskimo bubbles. Dab a few bubbles on baby's nose and gently pop them with your own!

Babies 6-15 months

1. Use plastic containers and anything else that makes a bit of noise for a fun music-making session.

2. Blow bubbles – simply drop a little shampoo on your hands, form a ring with thumbs and forefingers – and blow giant bubbles!

3. Swimming lessons. With one hand underneath them, gently swish baby up and down the bath – let's see those legs kicking!

4. Bubble beard – give yourself a beard made out of bubbles, and see the chuckles you'll get.

Babies 15 months plus

1. Encourage your little one to learn how to say – nose, arm, hand by putting bubbles on each part, – you can repeat as you dry afterwards too.

2. Bubble spelling – spell out letters in bubbles on baby's tummy – they'll love it, and they'll start learning too.

3. Spike up their hair with shampoo, and show them the results in the mirror – what a hoot!

4. Kick start – pop a little ball in the bath with them, and encourage play with it.

Important: Never leave your baby alone in the bath, not even for a second. Babies can drown in very little water. They can also be at risk of scalds. If you need to leave, bring your baby with you. Never let an older child supervise your baby at bath time. Adult supervision is necessary for your baby at all times. Always empty the bathwater when you are done.

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