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'Avoid circumcision' 5 tips on how to survive 'mummy forums'

Zoe George is the voice behind The Subtle Mummy, which is a wonderfully honest parenting blog.

In a recent post, Zoe shared her main tips on how to survive mummy forums, with fight club-esque instructions. 

The mum-of-two opens the informative (and funny) post with: "The first rule of the mummy forum is you don’t talk about what happens in the mummy forum".

Zoe, who describes herself as a "mummy forum expert", made the list of tips for "all the new mums out there that haven’t quite gotten the hang of it". 

She lists a number of topics that mums should AVOID when chatting on forums.

The listed topics are as follows: 

1. Vaccinations

According to Zoe, if you discuss vaccinating your child or your opinion on any types of vaccines "you will be trolled".

2. Circumcision

A "big NO" says Zoe. 

3. Breast-feeding vs Formula

Apparently “Breast is best” and “formula is poison” are a few things you can expect to read in any post about feeding your little one.

4. Caesarean vs Vaginal Birth

Zoe says there are mums out there that shame other mums about their choices of birth.

5. Crying it out vs rocking

In an honest statement about this topic, Zoe simply says: "I mean who gives a shit right?"

We love Zoe's funny take on these topics.

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