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Autumn reading: Books your little one won’t be able to put down

As the seasons start to change, we know there are a whole host of new children’s books being released in the coming weeks.

From stunning pictures books for our younger ones to enchanting fiction stories for our teens, there are plenty of new books that will be hitting shelves soon that we can't wait for our children to sink their teeth into. 

If you have a bookworm at home or are trying to encourage your little one to spend less time looking at screens and more time getting lost in a book, then check out our list below. You’ll find a collection of wonderful stories for children of all ages to enjoy. 

It's Too Dark, Puffling by Gerry Daly and Erika McGann

Published by O'Brien Press in September 

A kind little puffling lives on Skellig Michael. She loves her cosy underground bed. But her smaller puffling friend is afraid of the dark. Can the animals of Skellig help show him the wonder of nighttime?

Lottie and the Stolen Pirate Ship by Erika McGann, Illustrated by Leona Burns

Published by O'Brien Press in September 

Lottie, Mia and Finn love playing on the sand in their pirate ship – until it disappears! The children – and Biscuit the dog – search every inch of their island for their ship. Will they ever find it?

Dormouse Has A Cold by Julia Donaldson 

Published by Macmillan Children’s Books on September 14

Dormouse is sniffing and snuffling – being ill is hard! But with some help from Doctor Stoat and a visit from her friends as she snuggles up at home, she soon starts to feel better. What will cheer her up? Lift the flaps to find out, then join Dormouse and her friends for a fun trip to Acorn Fair.

Too Many Cats by Kate Sheehy

Published by O'Brien Press in September 

Having one cat is great. And what if you had lots and lots of cats? That would be AMAZING. But how many cats is Too Many Cats? When Lily hatches the purr-fect plan to fill her house with all kinds of cats, things quickly start to go wrong!

Little Wolf by Peter Donnelly

Published by Hodder’s Children’s Books in October

While all the wolves in the valley are busy preparing for the big HowlingCeremony, Little Wolf is afraid to use his voice. Little Wolf thinks he'll never find his howl -but then some wise words from Big Wolf remind him that even the smallest voice can make the sweetest sound. An inspiring, heartfelt tale for little pups everywhere about having the courage to find your own voice – even if it makes you stand out from the pack.

The 169-Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton 

Published by Macmillan Children’s Books on September 14

Their biggest treehouse yet has everything they could wish for including: an electric pony stable, a NOISY level, a weather dome (where you can have whatever weather you want whenever you want it), and an 100% edible gingerbread house and a potato-powered translation transmitter that allows you to talk to everything everywhere all at the same time. There's also a hall of funhouse mirrors, which is the perfect place to hide from Mr Bunkoff who is trying to catch Andy, Terry and Jill in order to send them to school. But Anti-Andy, Terrible Terry and Junkyard Jill, their trouble-making opposites, are trapped in one of the mirrors – and they want out. (Oh, and Mr Big Nose wants them to write their book . . . RIGHT NOW.) Can our heroes escape school, defeat their doppelgängers AND meet their book deadline? 

Tread Softly – Classic Irish Poems for Children, edited by Nicola Reddy, illustrated by Erin Brown

Published by O'Brien Press in September

With poems by W.B. Yeats, Oscar Wilde and James Joyce, Katharine Tynan, Alice Milligan, Lady Wilde and Lady Gregory, J.M. Synge, Jonathan Swift, Austin Clarke and many others, and wonderfully radiant illustrations by Erin Brown, this collection will delight readers young and old.

The Secret Tunnel by Alma Jordan, Illustrated by Margaret Anne Suggs

Published by O'Brien Press in September 

Another exciting adventure with the gang at Hazel Tree Farm and their furry and feathered friends. As summer ends on Hazel Tree Farm, the Farrellys are as busy as ever. There’s a new herd of giddy Angus heifers to take care of, and Kate is getting ready to launch her ‘Operation Plan Bee’. And when the children discover a secret passage at Greenway Manor, things take a mysterious turn.

Which Way Round the Galaxy by Cressida Cowell

Published by Hodder Children's Books in September 

The O'Hero-Smiths may have rescued their little sister Annipeck, found K2 and Izza's father Everest and triumphed over the robot assassin called the EXCORIATOR – but their story isn't quite over yet. Because there is danger and possibility in the Which Ways. And a new adventure bursting with magic is about to take them through the crossing points and into new worlds.

The Blunders by David Wlliams

Published by HarperCollins Children’s Books on October 12

Meet the Blunders: Bertie, Betsy, their children, Brutus and Bunny, along with their beloved grandma Old Lady Blunder, and their pet ostrich, Cedric. An ostrich is not a sensible pet, but then the Blunders are not sensible people. This family of upper-class twits lives in a crumbling country house named Blunder Hall. When their home comes under threat, they must embark on a series of comic misadventures to save it.

Daughter of Winter and Twilight by Helen Corcoran

Published by O'Brien Press in September 

To some, Emri – the adopted heir and daughter of two queens – is a living reminder that her birth father tried to usurp the throne. But as she grapples with a diplomatic visit from her estranged cousin, Melisande, the two girls are attacked by a magical force and spirited away. They must put their differences aside when Emri comes face to face with a goddess she’s always considered a myth: Lady Winter. Trapped deep within a mountain temple alongside other young royals, they face a race against time to complete Lady Winter’s trials … or die.

The Chalice of The Gods by Rick Riordan

Published by Puffin on September 26

Percy Jackson has saved the world multiple times – battling monsters, Titans, even giants – but these days the modern-day son of Poseidon is hoping for a regular final year at school. Too bad the Greek gods have other plans, and three new quests for Percy to complete. First up: the cupbearer of the gods, Ganymede, is missing his golden chalice. Not only is this embarrassing (why do the gods keep losing their magical items?), it's also potentially disastrous. One sip from the cup will turn any mortal into a power.

The Phantom Thief by Marcus Rashford 

Published by Macmillan Children’s Books on September 28

Marcus and the Breakfast Club Investigators are back and better than ever, just in time for a brand new investigation! A mysterious figure is stealing from clubs all over Rutherford High! The only clue is a strange calling card left at the scene of the crime… When the thief strikes just as Art Club is getting ready for a big show, everyone is worried the exhibition will be cancelled. As suspicion falls on one of the Breakfast Club Investigators, Marcus and friends must race against time to find the stolen painting and unmask the true thief before it's too late!   

Pages & Co.: The Last Bookwanderer by Anna James

Published by HarperCollins Children’s Books on September 14

When Tilly, Oskar, Milo and Alessia venture into King Arthur’s realm in search of the wizard Merlin, they discover that the magic of bookwandering is not at all what they thought. Together, they must journey into myth and legend – to bargain with the trickster Loki and unlock their destinies with the help of the Three Fates – and find a way to untangle the Alchemist’s grip on the world’s imagination. To save Pages & Co. and the very foundations of bookwandering, Tilly and her friends will have to learn the true power of imagination in a thrilling final adventure, but an unexpected enemy stands in their way…

Wonders of the Wild by Éanna Ní Lamhna

Published by O'Brien Press in October 

Wildlife expert Éanna Ní Lamhna and artist Brian Fitzgerald explore the wonders of the wild in this fun & fabulous new book. Nature has lots of hidden treasures. Find out about rabbits who eat their own poo, what feeds on humans, and how caterpillars burst. Discover animal-eating plants, what rises from the dead, sea life that glows in the dark, and many more weird and wonderful surprises from nature!

The Harp of Power by Alex Dunne

Published by O'Brien Press in October 

In a magical new adventure inspired by Irish folklore, Cat and her friend Shane are sent on a perilous quest for an ancient harp that, when played, can influence the thoughts of anyone who hears it. As they face shape-shifting wolves, demons and magic, Cat and Shane must prepare to battle an ancient and terrifying power…

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