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Are your kids scared of Halloween? We've got the PERFECT costumes just for you

Halloween season is filled with ghoulish scenes that can often be intimidating for young kids.

They can become scared of the festivities, but there's really no need because it's a fun time for all the family to enjoy. 

If your kids are frightened by the scary costumes and decor, get creative and make sure they know Halloween isn't all about ghost stories and tricks. 

To help you make it an enjoyable experience, we have found seven Halloween costumes that will have the kids looking forward to the big event. 


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1. Royal

Dressing up as a prince or princess is one of the easiest and most fun for kids. They certainly won't be afraid of the prospect and they will absolutely adore picking out their favourite character, and it's easy for mums and dads to join in on the action too. 

2. Mermaid

This one is too much fun; not alone do you get to play around with metallics and LOTS of glitter, but you'll need to practise your walking technique, while looking absolutely adorable!

3. Chef

Do your kids love to help you bake? Why not dress them up as a chef, they can have several different takes on it too – the Gordan Ramsay style or the chef out shopping with a list. The opportunities are endless, and if you're lucky they might even attempt a few samples!


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4. Supermario 

Siblings? Dress them up as none other than Mario and Luigi and just watch as they have all the fun, and every person gushes over how cool they look. Just think really hard about building karts – this may not always go according to plan, lol. 

5. Medical 

Dressing your kids up as a doctor or nurse is a classic. They'll look too cute, it's easy to do and the kids will be only too happy to play the part. Bonus – you get to lie on the couch watching TV because you're sick and they have to take care of you – winning.


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6. Harry Potter

Who doesn't like Harry Potter? Dress your littles up as the wizarding gang, and they will take off into a land of wonder as they believe they have all the powers of Harry, Hermione and Ron. 

7. Animals

Cute animals never disappoint, from bumble bees to cuddly bears and furry lions, the kids will love their new life in the animal kingdom. 

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