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Are you willing to put your driving skills (or lack thereof) to the ultimate test?

Drivers of Ireland! Fancy being part of an exciting new RTÉ television series looking at driving habits and practices in Ireland?

Oddboy Media are looking for motorists to take part in a number of day-long driving track tests to see how various factors affect our driving ability.

They are looking for both men and women from all adult age groups who have a full Irish driver’s licence.

And you don’t have be the best driver to take part.

In fact, Oddboy Media are looking for those who have a “less than perfect driving history, be it penalty points for speeding, mobile phone use, drink driving, etc.”

“Our only condition is you must have a valid full Irish driver licence and are willing to take part.”

To apply, email your name, contact info, a recent photo and a brief paragraph on your driving history to:

Now this is a show we’ll definitely be watching!

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