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And breathe... 6 non-clinical ways to de-stress and calm down

Motherhood is exhausting, especially at this gloomy time of year. From the school run to the longer-than-long sniffle season, your routine might start to become uncomfortable and overwhelming. Stress can take over and maybe your mood isn’t as bright as it was before- when you were full of energy. Throw in three sleepless nights a week and you might need to consider checking in with your mental health.

None of the below methods will suffice if these feelings begin to inhibit your day to day life. However, they can be the perfect way to de-stress and recharge that energy you once had.

1. Look at your little ones while they sleep.

Stare at their perfect faces and listen to their peaceful snores. You may have spent the day yelling at them so now is the time to rebuild that gooey, gush of love you know is buried deep within. It's much easier to gain positive vibes from your kids when they are in dreamland.

2. Listen to some music from your teenage-hood

If you grew up in the 80s, blast Cindy Lauper or The Bangles. Stick on Destiny's Child or Bewitched if you grew up in the 90s. If you peeked in the 2000s, listen to Avril Lavigne or McFly. Don't pretend you've forgotten the lyrics to C'est La Vie.

3. Buy yourself some herbal tea

Head to your local supermarket and pick up some fruity or herbal teas. Lidl do a lovely range, but you could always go for Pucca tea if you are feeling boujee. Veer towards ingredients like lavender, thyme or soothing chamomile. We know that tea does not cure anxiety or stress. However, a hot mug in your hand can give you that bit of comfort you need to take the next step.

4. Buy yourself a fancy candle

I had a college friend who believed there was nothing a candle couldn’t fix. This is total (yet beautiful) nonsense. However, find solace in the relaxing atmosphere that a scented candle can create. Fake some luxury and relaxation when you simply don’t have the time or space to experience the real thing.

5. Force yourself to get some me-time- preferably out of the house.

I know it’s been said time and time again, but a moment to yourself is CRUCIAL for mums who wish to remain mentally healthy. Even if it's just an hour-long escape so you can go for a walk or a sip a coffee by yourself. Even if it’s a morning off to revisit a hobby you used to covet. Whether it's sketching, playing the piano or an attending over-priced yoga class, just do it.

6. Phone your person- you know the one I mean

That friend or family member that just gets it. The one whose voice calms you or gives you a boost when you need it most.

A good way to identify when it is time to speak to a health care professional is when you cannot think of a single person who can help. This is because only a qualified mental health practitioner can- seek them out.

What little things do you do to boost your mood? Be sure to share your tips and tricks with other mums.

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