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Adventure time? This is when Tayto Park will re-open in 2019

2018 was a busy year at Tayto Park, Irelands only theme park and zoo and as the year came to a close, Tayto Park, located in Ashbourne Co. Meath, put together some of their most interesting findings throughout the year, which include welcoming 25 baby animals, finding two sets of teeth and selling over four tonnes of ice cream.

Ice cream was the favourite snack among visitors with over four tonnes sold, while the preferred drink for parents was coffee, with 45,000 litres of coffee sold during the parks peak season, while two sets of teeth were amongst the strangest items still to be reclaimed at the parks lost and found.

2018 saw the opening of Ireland’s first driving school for kids, The Nissan Driving School at Tayto Park, which was listed as one of Lonely Planet’s 10 Best Attractions for Kids to visit in 2019. With over 19,000 driving licences sold, the latest kids attraction at Tayto Park took over 4,200 man hours to complete, while over 5,000 people a day took a ride on Europe’s largest inverted wooden rollercoaster, The Cú Chulainn Coaster during peak season.


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Not only was it a busy year for the theme park, but the Tayto Park zoo also welcomed 25 animal babies in 2018 including a six bush dog pups and one Sulawesi Crested Macaque all of which are part of the European Endangered Species Programme. Over 1,500 bales of hay were delivered to ensure all resident and new animal arrivals had comfortable bedding and full bellies throughout the year.

The World of Raptors display was a favourite among visitors with over 100,0000 attending the free bird displays at the purpose of the park built outdoor arena.


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Tayto Park re-opens April 6 with an array of new attractions and arrivals at the park's zoo for all the family to enjoy.


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