A short movie about cats and dogs has surprised the Mack’s friends and family

When Ben Mackay and his wife Krystal Brooke made a movie for their close network of friends and family, they left them seriously confused.

The movie surrounded a clip of cats watching a mouse, but then a dog comes along, and just as we’re about the see what the dog gets up to, the screen flips to a door.

The screen appears to freeze for a while, but we quickly learn why.


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Krystal is waiting behind the door with a positive pregnancy test and the cameraman, Ben, embraces his wife as they reveal they’re expecting their third baby.

Friends and family are watching the clip, not really sure what is going on, until they see Krystal.

But even then some are still unsure whether the couple are serious or if the video is a joke.

However, once everyone realises the reveal is far from a joke, their reactions are wonderful.

The couple wanted to do a unique reveal that was slightly different from the average balloon and ultrasound picture gifts.

And they certainly caught the attention of their network anyhow!

We think it’s such a cute way of revealing their news, and a totally unique idea to the family.

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