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'A moustache': What these kids asked Santa to bring them will MAKE your day

There is something so incredibly sweet and lovely about a child's letter to Santa. The wobbly hand-writing, the adorable way they try to convenience him they've been good all year, and… well the very cheeky things they ask him for!

In fact, they're the best things about the festive season, especially when you've got a mini chancer at home asking for 53 billion dollars.  

1. This child was clearly hungry when they wrote their list…

A 4 Year-Old's Epic Christmas List

2. "My wall signed by Jesse McCartney."

3. We're not quite sure what a flesh light is but it doesn't sound good. 

My little brother's Christmas list. #14 from funny

4. Wonder what they want to cockroach for…?

my little cousins early christmas list (in order) she's 6 from funny

5. Sounds like this kid has been asking for a pony for a long time.   


6. At least they're giving Santa options.  


7. Just a casual $53 BILLION. 


8. Somebody get this child a puppy! 



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