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A letter to my daughter on Mother’s Day

As I celebrate my tenth Mother's Day, I've finally come to the realisation that this day is not about me.

And it's time I told my daughter. 

Dear Baby Girl, 

If it wasn't for you I would have no reason to celebrate this wonderful day.

Your smile, your laugh, your brilliant wit – you light up my life in ways I never could have imagined possible.  

It's because of you that the world feels like a much more exciting place.

That the grass looks greener and the sky looks bluer. 

Your curiosity and need to understand life opens my eyes to places and beauty that I never would have seen if it wasn't for you. 

It is because of you that I push myself to limits that I otherwise would be afraid of. 

My need to do better for you, to make the world an easier and less frightening place, makes me do things that I never would have done before. 

The way you are with other people, the kindness you show your friends and family – fully grown adults could learn a thing or two from you.

To you, the world is an adventure waiting to happen – and that desire to experience all you can excites me. 

You deserve all the good things this world can bring. 

Your excitement on Mother's Day to give me the card you lovingly made, melts my heart.

But, Baby Girl, every day is Mother's Day to me because I get to be your mama.

by Mary Byrne

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