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A giant lizard that terrorised a neighbourhood is finally captured

You might be used to spotting your neighbour's cat hanging out in your garden.

Or on occasion, a dog breaks out and runs about the estate for a while before someone brings him home.

But we are pretty certain you've never seen a gigantic lizard invading your home.

FWC photo by Eric Suarez

That was what happened to a quiet suburban neighbourhood in Florida.

The lizard went about his business for months before finally being caught.

Understandably, neighbours were terrified of the Asian water monitor lizard as it can grow up to 8ft (2.5 metres) long, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

FWC photo by Eric Suarez

Authorities have revealed that the creature was captured after it escaped in August.

It's a pet and was first sighted in a neighbourhood in Miami.

Residents claimed that the lizard would appear in their back gardens and scratch at their patio doors.


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An eagle-eyed resident alerted local police and wildlife officers to the intruder on his property.

The lizard appeared around midday and was safely caught.

It will now be returned to its owner, who will face a criminal citation for the animal's escape, stated a Wildlife commission statement. 

If owners want to keep lizards as pets, they must have them kept in cages and an investigation surrounding the lizard's living conditions will be carried out when the owner is reached. 

Additionally, the release of a non-native species in Florida is illegal.

However, residents can now potter around their gardens without fear that the lizard may appear.

We imagine everyone is very relieved. 

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