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'A freakish miracle': Toddler pulled from the ocean by fisherman

A fisherman was in the right place at the right time, it seems.

It was the early hours of the morning and Gus Hutt was at the beach checking his fishing lines.

He spotted a little boy who seemed to be floating in the water.

Gus said, "I thought it was just a doll. His face looked just like porcelain with his short hair wetted down.''

However, he then heard a little squeak and thought '‘Oh god, this is a baby and it's alive.''

So what had happened? 

The tot, called Malachi Reeve, has managed to escape from his parent's tent as they were sleeping and ended up in the ocean.

The rescue was "miraculous and fateful" according to Rebecca Salter, co-owner of Murphy's Holiday Camp, as Gus usually fishes in a different spot. 

She said, ''my husband came around the corner with the baby in his arms. I ran into the house and grabbed a whole heap of towels and blankets so he would be warm. He was just whimpering the whole time."

Malahi's mother screamed when she was told that her little boy was found in the water. 

Rebecca said, ''they were woken up to find their baby wasn't there…it could have been a very tragic incident. It's a freakish miracle."

Well done Gus – a real-life hero. 

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