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Mum shares HILARIOUS list of things she didn't realise were luxuries until she had kids


It's one of the most amazing, rewarding, exhausting, challenging, terrifying and wonderful things that one can experience.

While we adore our kids with all of our hearts, being a parent can be trying at the best of times.

And this is what sci-fi writer Kathryn Alton articulated perfectly when she took to Twitter to write a list of all the things she didn't realise were a luxury until she became a mother. 

And it's spot on. 

She wrote, ''Things I didn't realise were PURE LUXURY until I had #kids…''

The list includes, ''Sex, hair removal, a bath (alone), having a pee (alone), pretty much anything alone, washing hair (properly), wearing make-up, removing makeup, decent clothes, eating something to oneself…''

She continued, ''Have I missed any?#amparenting.'' 

The response she got was huge, with so many parents understanding exactly what she was talking about. 

One fellow parent wrote, ''It's the worst. I have three and I feel like a walking zombie. If one sleeps through, another wakes up. Thank goodness they're cute.''

Another chimed in with, ''More luxuries; toilets not clogged with toys and being able to curse at any time! But, the time goes by faster than you think. It’s ok to love it and hate it at the same time.'' 

Kathryn responded to all of the replies, saying, ''Obviously, there are tonnes of positives to having children, and I'm grateful for my daughter every single day, but my gosh – What a response! Fists bumps all round to all you hard working, self-sacrificing mums and dads!!''

What do you guys think, do you agree?

What things do you miss since having kids? 

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