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A 10-year-old boy has invented a device to help prevent heatstroke in vehicles

According to statistics, since 1998, 712 children left in cars have died from heatstroke in the United States alone.

However, one young man, who was left devastated by the loss of his neighbour’s six-month-old baby, Fern, due to an overheated car, has been inspired to help prevent this from happening again.

10-year-old Bishop Curry has come up with an idea for a genius device which may help with the tragic and preventable deaths.

The small device is known as an Oasis.

Bishop’s dad shared: “The device will come with the technology to help cool down the child while he or she waits to be rescued.”

The Oasis monitors the temperature inside the car until it reaches a particular level of heat.

When this happens the device will emit cool air, while at the same time alerting parents and authorities of the heat through an aerial.  

So far Bishop has a 3D model of the device but has set-up a GoFundMe to raise the funds needed to patent and create the device.

As temperatures heat up, the device will become an essential part of every family vehicle in the near future. 

What do you think of this idea? Hard to believe Bishop is only 10-years-old! 

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