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9 ways to keep the kids entertained during stormy weather

It's not often the kids are given a day off school on such short notice, which leaves us parents in a small bind as to what to do with them. 

How do we keep our kids entertained when they can't play outdoors and there's no such thing as an imminent trip to the park to wear them out?

Well there's no need for you to worry any longer because at MagicMum we have you covered, check out our tips on how to keep the kids amused all day. 

1. Board Games

The old reliable has to be your standard board game which is bound to keep them entertained for a couple of hours. With everything from Scrabble, Monopoly and Connect 4, there'll be lots of sibling rivalry for the day!

2. Library

Can't go to the library to read endless books? Why not play library with the kids – they can set up their own mini library in the house, which means not alone will they be extra quiet but there'll be plenty of learning too – win, win. 

3. Painting

It may be messy, but the kids will love playing around with paints. Make sure they're wearing old clothes or aprons, but they will be happy as Larry to see their masterpieces hanging on the fridge beside Mum's. 

4. Time Capsule

Create your very own family time capsule. This will take a while, and with all the family putting their own little piece in, each child will feel they have contributed, and they have the added benefit of teamwork.

5. TV

Allowing our kids screen time, especially on a day like today is not a bad thing. With an array of kids programmes on Netflix and the endless movies and programmes available on DisneyLife, the only thing you'll have to worry about is keeping those devices charged!

6. Baking

Kids absolutely love when they can help Mum in the kitchen – so why not throw a mini party for them, baking cupcakes and rice-krispie buns? They'll revel in the excitement, and the cleaning up is sure to tire them out. 

7. Treasure Hunt

Create a treasure trail in the house with treats at the end for the kids, make sure everyone wins so there's no upset – this will be the most exciting part of the day for the little ones – and if you want to reap the benefits, have tidying their room as part of the hunt!

8. Fort Building

Build a fort. This will be priceless, and trust us, adults get just as much fun out of this as the little ones. Grab as many pillows and duvets as possible, set-up camp in the sitting room and even toast some marshmallows. Make sure you have plenty of batteries for the torches though!

9. Theatre

This is great fun and a personal favourite of ours. The whole family can join in with everyone making their own puppet using materials lying around the house. You then create a story that the puppets can groove along to and moreover, mums and dads can sit back and relax while the kids are on 'stage'. 

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