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8 wonderful mums you'll always bump into on the school run

The school run is an amazing display of girl-power, particularly that of the mothering kind. Every day, twice a day, we enter the chaos with our heads held high, braving the sea of tiny humans and glittering backpacks that have a disturbing amount of keyrings attached to them. The sounds are incredible, the colours vibrant and the atmosphere, full of energy. This buzz is all made possible by the super mamas we meet every day, so we have come up with a list of eight mums you will encounter on the school run, to celebrate each and every one.

1. The one with all the kids

They are everywhere. Her gorgeous little ones seem to come from every angle and they are all bursting with energy. Some are on foot, one is on a scooter and this super mama is carrying at least two more. She smiles at you tiredly and you send her some good vibes to let her know you think she's fab.
2. The boss mama

We are ALL bosses but this mama looks like she is the boss of us all. She wears a suit to the school run and always looks so damn professional. You're not too sure what she does but it involves a lot of meetings. You can never understand how she manages to be at every single school event and parent-teacher meeting, too. You hope her vibes of good organisation will pass to you if you hover beside her in the cloakroom. 

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3. The mummy blogger

She looks like a bombshell on the school run and her babas are turned out just as perfectly. She wears long flowing skirts and bright white runners that are 100 percent consciously sourced. You have seen her snapping photos outside the school gates and look forward to reading her posts later tonight. You know what she had for dinner last night but she doesn't know your name.

4. The activewear mum's club

These are a group of glowy, dewy mamas who radiate chilled vibes. They flash their sparkly keep-cups around the school gate and their buggies match their gym gear. Their little ones are always going on play dates together and they do football and ballet consecutively on a weekend morning. You want to join their running group but keep making excuses not to. 

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5. The PA mum

She may not head the Parents Association but she is mega involved and most likely the admin of the class WhatsApp group. She gathered names and contact numbers in week one for the class list. She is a godsend when it comes to figuring out what day PE is and what homework is due. She signs off each and every message with her first initial.

6. Your best-mum-friend

She is (one of) the reason you manage to get up in the morning. She makes your day that bit more bearable and she sends you texts on the reg to check-in. You may not see her every day or even every week. However, simply knowing there is a like-minded mama out there gives you peace of mind.

8. The mum who coaches your kid's sports team

You adore this woman. She has (most likely) volunteered her time to spend with your little demon(s) and their little demon friends. You've never seen her without a whistle around her neck or out of a tracksuit, but she is the queen and you hope your chats will encourage her to give your little one some pitch or court time at the next match.

7. You're mummy-soulmate who you only know as (insert kid's name)'s mum

She's the lady who catches your eye for a laugh or a nod, whether it is at school or during after school activities. She rolls her eyes at the same things you do and she looks as tired and frazzled as you do, too. You chat briefly every time you cross paths but have never taken the time to learn each other's names. You know her kid's name and she knows yours, but we mamas come so far down the pecking order, that we can easily remain nameless for an entire school year.

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Can you think of any other super mamas you meet on the school run?

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