8 really special ways to include the kids in your wedding

Including your kids in the planning of your wedding and the day itself creates cherished lifelong memories.

There are so many ways you can get the little ones involved, and aside from being fun, they’ll add a lovely personal stamp to your big day.

Give them ‘special jobs’

They don’t have to be a flower girl or a page boy. You can make up special jobs for them like ‘Bride’s Special Assistant’ or if they’re old enough get them an age-appropriate camera and designate them ‘Special Snapper’. Think of your children’s talents and what they’re interested in and figure out how to use that. They’ll be super proud.

2. Have them ‘give you away’

If you’ve ever seen a bride walk up the aisle with her kids you’ll know it’s such a 'pass the tissues' moment. It’s a wonderful feeling for a bride to walk up that aisle with the people she loves the most in tow and for the groom to watch them walk towards him. And think of the photos!

3. Invite them to join in with the first dance

Dancing with your new husband and your kids in front of all the people you love will be a family moment you’ll never forget.

5. Put them in a cute wagon

Put babies or toddlers who are too small to walk up the aisle into a cute little wagon to be pulled up the aisle by a bridesmaid or groomsman. So sweet!

6. Light extra unity candles

Instead of just lighting the bride and groom candles before you light the unity one, light some small ones to signify the kids too. Then when you light the unity candle it will be a symbol of the unity of all the family.

4. Have them write a reading

Give your child the task to write a poem about you and your partner and ask them to read it on the day. If you’re worried they’ll be too shy on the day to read it, organise with an adult to read the poem in their stead, just in case.

7. Have them walk your dog up the aisle

If you want your guests to melt, as well as make your little one feel like a superstar, have them walk up the aisle with your family dog. Go shopping beforehand with them for a special new leash and decorate it together with flowers and glitter.

8. Get them to design your invites

A child’s drawing can be a cute and quirky graphic for your wedding invite, not to mention incredibly sentimental. Simple have them draw it, scan into Photoshop and print! Can you imagine how chuffed they’ll be?

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