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7 of the worst things about your child's obsession with making slime

When the kids went back to school in September, there was this sudden fascination with making slime.

It was pretty big in our house for a couple of months, but the fad slowly started to dwindle as homework and after-school activities began taking over. 

And, yes, if we're being honest, we were pretty happy to see the obsession end. The mess was just too much to handle.

But just as we started to put away the baking soda, the sticky goo is back, and we're not sure if we can do it all over again. 

If your little one is into creating the putty-like substance, you'll definitely relate to these.

1. The constant search for your contact lense solution

Why is that even an ingredient?! What's wrong with normal water?

2. Sticky, gloopy, goo all over the place

Particularly door handles. 

3. The missing Tupperware

Which will inevitably turn up filled with various coloured slime.

4. The lack of liquid soap left in the bathroom

And, no, it's not because your kids are suddenly washing their hands extra well. 

5. The hours of slime videos on YouTube

In their hunt to make the slimiest slime ever.

6. The constant need to talk about it

Over and over again. 

7. The lack of space left in the freezer 

Because it's jam-packed with slime-filled Tupperware containers. 

On the flip side, at least they're making use of their creative side (with a bit of science thrown in for good measure).

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