7 heartwarming ways to reveal your pregnancy to your firstborn child

While expanding your family is undoubtedly an exciting time for everyone involved, it can be overwhelming for your firstborn child.

Whether they are still young themselves or are a little bit older, finding out that they will soon be getting a sibling can be a huge revelation. So, when you eventually decide to tell your child about your baby news, you want to make sure to do it in a way that is gentle and heartwarming for them to experience. 

Below, we have devised seven different methods that you can use to break the news to your firstborn. Of course, you can adapt these ideas depending on your child’s age, but overall, these tips should help your kid to feel included in the pregnancy journey. Plus, it will hopefully spark their excitement for their new baby brother or sister!

Reading time

There are loads of books on the market at the moment that are specifically geared towards teaching youngsters about a new baby’s arrival. If you have a dedicated reading routine with your child, then you could perhaps introduce them to one of these books and allow them to discover your baby news through a lovely tale. Plus, these stories always have a reassuring tone, which will be sure to help ease any potential worries that your child may have. 

Let’s have a party

Before you have a gender reveal party, why not throw a pregnancy reveal party? This doesn’t have to be a glamorous bash with a massive guest list – it could simply be your immediate family and a couple of close friends. This way, when your firstborn finds out that they will be welcoming a baby, their nearest and dearest will be around them to help them to digest the news and express how wonderful it will be.

Matching outfits

Nowadays, personalised and matching outfits between young siblings has become increasingly popular! Ahead of your baby’s arrival, you could create a baby grow with a beautiful personalised phrase, such as ‘Little Sister’ or ‘I Love My Big Brother’. Showcase the baby grow to your firstborn, and you could also treat them to a top of their own with the responding phrase. They’ll instantly get so excited to match with their little sibling!

Memory lane

If you want to take a trip down memory lane, then this could be a wholesome way to break the big news to your child. Take out their very own baby album and talk them through each photo. Then, let them know that they will be able to observe all of the big milestones – such as crawling, walking and talking – with their own baby sibling. Recalling your child’s own journey with them will, in turn, bring them some anticipation for the big sibling role they are about to play.

TV time

If your kid finds comfort in their favourite TV shows, then this is a brilliant opportunity to introduce them to the concept of gaining a new brother or sister. TV shows such as Peppa Pig, Bluey and Good Luck Charlie all have episodes focused on the arrival of a new baby and the changes that this brings. The themes of these kids’ shows will help your child to visualise what life will be like once the new addition arrives, and how they can be the best sibling for them.

Big day out

We all know that once your little one is born, your older child might begin to feel left out and unimportant in the first few weeks. So, before everything changes, take your child out for a parent-and-me day. Whether it be an afternoon at the shops or a simple trip for ice cream, spending some one-on-one time with your firstborn will then allow you to open up about your big news. If your child begins to worry that your days out together will be stopped, let them know that your quality time together will always be important and valued.

Time to see baby

Last but not least, there’s no better time to deliver your pregnancy news than taking your firstborn to a scan! By doing this, not only will your child feel involved in the pregnancy process, but it will also give them the perfect space to absorb the news by hearing and seeing their new sibling for the first time. 

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