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7 Halloween party games you should try this year

Every year we say we're going to engage in lots of Halloween activities with the kids. 

But for some reason or other, we forget to go searching for creative ideas or else we simply forget the rules of our childhood games (blame mummy brain). 

Nonetheless, with the spooky season edging ever closer, it’s important to be prepared and THIS year is going to be our year.

We have got plenty of tricks up our sleeves and we're ready to roll out our games to you! 

1. Pin the Spider on the Spiderweb

We've all played pin the donkey at some stage in our lives, and well this is pretty much the same concept, except a lot more enjoyable for the time of year. It's easy enough to make too, as you'll most likely have some spider web decorations, or you can easily create your own with some cardboard and markers. Then all the kids have to do is try and pin the spider while blindfolded. 

2. Pumpkin Golf

This one involves a little more work ethic than the rest, but it is hands down the best fun. Everyone will enjoy this, and we're pretty sure the adults get just as much fun out of it. It can be played indoors and outdoors, and all you need is pumpkins, toy golf clubs and golf balls.

3. Halloween Pinata

You're going to need orange and black balloons for this one but sifting through those packets will be worth it for the kids. Fill the balloons with small treats, attach them to a line of string or even the washing line to improvise – and let the kids go wild trying to burst them open. They will LOVE it. 

4. Pumpkin Bowling

Gather six rolls of toilet paper and one small pumpkin. Build the toilet roll up like bowling pins, and you're all set. Don't forget you can also decorate the pumpkin bowl or the rolls with some scary faces. 

5. Witches Hat Ring-Toss

The witches-hat ring toss is a lot of fun, and a little easier for the younger kids too. Gather some of the pointy hats, place them on a piece of cardboard and create teams for the kids. Once the teams are devised, get throwing those rings. 

6. Apple Bobbing

This is the ultimate Halloween classic! And as a bonus, it takes the kids away from all their treats to eat some fruit. All you need to do is fill a basin with water and apples. With the kids' arms behind their backs, they have to try and grab a floating apple using only their teeth, which trust us, is a lot harder than it sounds!

7. Pass the Intestines

If you're squeamish this may not be your scene, but we guarantee the kids will enjoy the excitement. It's not as gross as it sounds; you need a hallow pumpkin, plenty of cooked spaghetti, olive oil, music and lots of treats. Mix the spaghetti and olive oil, place in the pumpkin, add in the treats, but make sure it's well mixed so the kids will have to root to find them. Children stand in a circle, pass the 'intestines' around and when the music stops whoever's holding the pumpkin puts their hand inside to find a treat. Start the music again and continue until everyone gets treats!

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