6 cool facts about November born babas

We know… the fact that November is here already is unbelievable. Summer, though it feels like yesterday, is long gone and the winter wind has begun to blow. To celebrate the beginning of this stunning season, here are six interesting facts about November born babies!

1. They may live to be 100!

A 2011 study,by the University of Chicago, measured the relationship between birth month and longevity. It turns out, November babas- along with those born in October and December- are likely to outlive their peers. Stock up on birthday candles now, mamas because your little November kiddo is likely to be a centenarian!

2. They will always be your little Valentine

Have you ever wondered why so many of us are born in November? Do the maths, mamas: our November born babies were probably conceived on Valentine's Day. There is, understandably, a baby boom directly preceding the holiday of love. Data taken by the NHS shows a 5 percent rise in conception during V-day and the week after.

3. Your lovely November lad is likely to be a lefty

A German study conducted in 2014, showed that November boy babies (as well as those born in early December) were likely to be left-handed due to higher levels of testosterone. These high levels will slow down the development of the left side of the brain- the side that determines right-handedness. This causes the little fella to favour their left hand instead.

4. They are likely to be athletic

Being good at physical activity means that your little one will be motivated to keep active and healthy- and we all know what they say about healthy bodies and healthy minds. Research from the International Journal of Sports Medicine showed that babies born in autumn tend to have slightly bigger bones and muscle mass. This means they can become active sooner and therefore, get involved in sport from an earlier age- what wonderful news for parents of November tots!

5. They tend to be bigger

November born babies are BIG. Harvard University published a study in 2005, showing that little ones born in the cooler months are not so little. They are likely to be larger at birth and taller and heavier later in life. This is fab news for mamas as their strapping young girls and boys will be able to help around the house!

6. They are likely to go to sleep earlier

This is the best one by far: get ready mamas, your November bubba will be a joy to raise as they will be likely to want to go to bed earlier. A 2009 study showed that spring babies are night owls and winter kiddos are sleepy angels. This is amazing news for tired parents.


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