50 gorgeous baby names in honour of our favourite Strictly stars

For expecting parents, picking a name for your little one ahead of their arrival can be such an exciting prospect. 

However, it can also sometimes be extremely difficult and daunting to know which choice will suit their personality best! So, that’s why it’s always a great idea to give yourself plenty of options.

One of our favourite ways to come up with beautiful baby names is to look to our most beloved TV shows for inspiration. Ahead of the launch of its 21st series this weekend, we thought it would be fun to shine a light on some of our favourite names from BBC's Strictly Come Dancing!

Whether it be previous winners, beloved cast members, old and new professional dancers, or the judges and hosts, there are lots of Strictly-fied names out there to have a think about. Below, we have picked out 50 of our favourites – 25 for boys and 25 for girls – to give you some ideas ahead of your newborn’s birth.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down below, and see if any of these glittering choices sound right for you and your baby:

For the girls…

Credit: BBC

1. Dianne

2. Stacey

3. Alexandra

4. Kara

5. Rose

Credit: Guy Levy/BBC

6. Tilly

7. Katya

8. Molly

9. Debbie

10. Caroline

Credit: BBC

11. Janette

12. Ashley

13. Sara

14. Tess

15. Alesha

Credit: BBC

16. Nancy

17. Katie

18. Emma

19. Nadiya

20. Claudia

Credit: BBC

21. Alex

22. Saffron

23. Faye

24. Kellie

25. Maisie

And for the boys…

Credit: BBC

1. Kelvin

2. Anton

3. Will

4. James

5. Giovanni

Credit: BBC

6. Jay

7. Harry

8. Joe

9. Danny

10. Tom

Credit: BBC

11. Bruno

12. Melvin

13. Jamie

14. Matt

15. Kai

Credit: BBC

16. Chris

17. Anthony

18. Jake

19. Tyler

20. Aston

Credit: BBC

21. Scott

22. Nicky

23. Brendan

24. Johannes

25. Neil

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