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5-year-old saves life of pregnant mum by calling 911

 5-year-old Matthew Wehr is a hero. 

He was alone in his house in Maryland when his mother, Patricia Mansfield, suddenly collapsed. 

She was six months pregnant and her blood sugars dropped to dangerously low levels. 

“If I had been left there and he didn't know to call somebody, I very well could have died,” Mansfield told local media

Quick-thinking Matthew called his step-father, who called 911. When 911 called back, there was no answer. 

Luckily, Matthew was able to call 911. 

His call was picked up by dispatcher Maria Bebber,who talked the brave little boy through what to do next. 

“Well, her tummy started hurting and then she fell,” Matthew said on the 911 call.

“And she’s not taking to you at all? We’re sending an ambulance to come look at your mom,” Bebber responded.

But there was just one obstacle, little Matthew couldn't open the front door. 

“He couldn't get the door unlocked, he tried, he really tried, but he just couldn't do it,” said Bebber.

Bebber stayed on the phone as emergency services broke down the door to get into the house. 

“He’s probably seen movies where people bang on the door and it’s not the good guys so I did tell him ‘it’s OK they are the good guys,’” she said.

Mansfield, who is due in March, says that she remembers very little of the incident, but she is certain her little boy is a hero. 

Matthew doesn't see himself as a hero though, to him, a hero is Batman: 

“Batman flies, I don’t do that." 

What a fantastic boy! 

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