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5 things you can do to stay on track with your new year resolutions

Brought to you in association with Boots

We started the month with oodles of ambitions and full of hope for a year of improvement. We vowed to eat well, exercise more and take better care of our mental health.

We promised ourselves that 2020 was to be the year to achieve real wellness – to have a goal of being healthy physically and making the right choices to achieve that; and in doing so, bringing new goals and better choices to achieve emotional and environmental wellbeing too.  But we are dwindling a little.

The January Blues have knocked us back and we’re longing for brighter, merrier evenings. Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve abandoned your 2020 resolutions because you can pick them right back up. All your body and mind needs is a little TLC.

We’ve worked with Boots, to put together our top five tips that will help you stick with the promises you made at the beginning of the year. 2020 is the year we start taking better care of ourselves.

Start Your Day With a Vitamin:

Adding a vitamin to your morning routine will help boost your energy. We always opt for a Berocca with our breakfast as it impacts both your body and mind. The orange flavoured drink contains vitamins B1 and B2 which help release energy.

It also contains pantothenic acid which contributes to your mental performance, meaning you’ll be ready to focus on your work when you arrive at the office. There’s nothing we hate more than feeling foggy and lethargic in the morning time but taking one Berocca gives us the kick we need.

Mind Your Gut:

Did you know your gut and brain are connected? Ensuring you have a healthy gut environment should be at the top of your list. The Boots healthy gut range is designed to give you a helping hand to create a healthy gut environment. They are both gluten and dairy free, and not only that, they’re also free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Stay Hydrated:

Are you feeling sluggish after indulging in wine, cheese and everything in between over Christmas? Us too! We wish we could just press reset and give our bodies a well-needed boost. One thing you can do to ensure you’re recharging your body after the holidays is to stay hydrated.

People have praised the O.R.S. Hydration Tablets for helping them get back on track after the Christmas break. They also help if you’re feeling under the weather and will help you stay hydrated.

Stop Picking:

We lost all self-control over Christmas so snacking has been an hourly habit of ours. Our jeans are feeling a little too snug and we haven’t half as much energy as we did before December. One thing that has stopped us reaching for leftover Quality Street and biscuits is the Deliciously Ella Almond & Blueberry Protein Ball. This treat is vegan friendly, gluten free and gives you a well-needed burst of energy. It’s our go-to midday snack!

Feel Good, Look Good:

Is anyone else feeling a little bit self-conscious? The late nights and never-ending cheese boards have destroyed our skin and it’s making us feel so low. Our nails are brittle and our hair looks as dull as ever. Fear not, the Perfectil tablets are here to save the day. They contain Biotin to help maintain normal skin, zinc to maintain normal hair and selenium to maintain your nails.

You can pick up all these little saviours in Boots as part of their wellness coupon now until February 2, 2020. Coupon given out at the till after a purchase.

The coupon includes selected Vitamins & herbal products, dietary & weight management products, food & drinks.  You can save €5 when you spend €25 so why not treat yourself this week?

Boots Ireland are also running an online offer on the same range of products/categories: You can save €5 when you spend €25.

The offer covers a number of vitamins and wellness supplements (including Berocca, Boots Good Gut bacteria capsules, Pregnacare Plus Omega 3, Centrum Women’s, Perfectil, Active Iron, Wellkid) and also some weight management products (incl. SlimFast, New Nordic Apple Cider Gummies, XLS Medical Fat Binder, XLS BNutrition Strawberry, Grenade Protein Bar Caramel, Protein powder Cocoa etc) and so much more!

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