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5 supplements to help boost your child's immune system

Back to school time also means back to coughs and colds – the last thing any mum wants their child to bring home!

Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to keep illnesses at bay, including ensuring your child has a strong, healthy immune system and that they get plenty of sleep, according to Rebecca Barry, Supervising Pharmacist at LloydsPharmacy Castletroy and busy mum-of-three. 

"Sleep is hugely important for development, and it is recommended that children in primary school get 10/11 hours each night; secondary school students should get 8/9 hours."

Exercise is also important to keep kids strong and healthy. In fact, children should be getting at least 60 minutes of exercise a day, with three sessions a week involving muscle strengthening. 

Supplements are also a good way to help boost your child's immune system. Luckily, there is a huge a variety of supplements available at your local LloydsPharmacy. 

"Ideally a healthy child would have a well-rounded diet and shouldn't need to rely on supplements," explains Rebecca. "However, children these days are not getting the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables – which is at 5 to 7 portions a day – and supplements can help bridge the gap." 

Things like omega oil, calcium and vitamin D can be missing from a lot of diets, all of which can be found in supplements. 

To help you make the best choice for your little ones, we have compiled a list of five supplements that will help keep them healthy. 

1. Alive! Children's Chewable Multivitamins

Alive! Children’s Chewable Multi-Vitamin are specially formulated to support the needs of children aged 3-12 years old. They contain vitamin C and iron, as well as a dried blend of 26 fruits and vegetables and citrus bioflavonoids.

Available here.

2. Centrum Kids 30s

Centrum Kids 30s contains 16 key nutrients, all of which help to support energy release, cognitive development and the bone health of children aged 4 to 10. 

Available here.

3. Optibac Probiotics for Babies & Children 30s

A probiotic and prebiotic for babies and children from 6 months to 12 years. This supplement helps support digestion and immunity in infants and children.

Available here

4. Claricell Junior 

Claricell Junior contains Omega-3, vitamin D and DHA fish oil soft drops, all of which contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system. 

Available here.

5. Eskimo Kids Omega 3 with Vitamin D&E

Eskimo-3 Kids contains Omega-6 and 9, and vitamins D3 and E – nutrients needed to support eye health, the brain, immunity, teeth, bones and muscles. It is specially formulated for kids aged from one to 12-years, and comes in a fruity flavour.

Available here.

For mums who are looking for multivitamins or probiotics for their little ones, Rebecca recommends they look at the needs of their child first; is it to ward off colds or to supplement a lack of calcium in their diet, for instance? Then she recommends you talk to a pharmacist at the nearest LloydsPharmacy. 

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