5 reasons why October born babas are super special

The brisk and beautiful season of October is upon us and many are preparing to bring forth new life into this world of amber, scarlet and bright yellow.  If you or someone you know is expecting and October baby, check out these five facts that make little ones born this time of year extra special.

1. They might be super-sporty

There’s a chance that your October baby will be bigger and therefore more likely to excel at sport when they grow up. Research on the strength and stamina of school children was carried out by the Centre for Sports and Exercise Science at the University of Essex in 2014. This showed that kiddos born in this colourful month were usually stronger than babies born earlier in the year. This has been attributed to the sheer amount of vitamin D that mum received when her little sports star was growing inside of her.

Speaking to  New York Magazine, researcher Dr. Gavin Sandercock said that ‘those born in autumn tend to have 'slightly bigger bone and muscle mass'. So, the very fact that your little one is not so little (compared to other babies) means he or she will become active sooner, leading them on the path to athletic success.

2. They might live to be 100

What wonderful news! A 2011 study by the University of Chicago suggests that those who are born in October 'have a significantly higher likelihood of survival to age 100'. This suggests that everything down to the environment you are born into can affect how long you live- an exciting thought for mums expecting this time of year!

3. They have healthier hearts

This may be the reason for number two. A study carried out in 2001 by the University of California in Berkeley, suggests that people born in Autumn – September, October and November- are at lower risk of experiencing cardiovascular diseases in their lives. This might explain why they are expected to live so long. This also means that all us mums have to do is nurture and love that healthy, happy heart for a hundred years!

4. They have a presidential air about them

Your little October-born might run a country someday. October happens to be the most popular birth month for presidents of the USA. The list includes many historical figures from John Adams (the 2nd US president) to Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower.

5. They will have more confidence in their academic abilities

This exciting piece of research was published in the Journal of Educational Psychology this year and is a win for parents everywhere. No matter what our little ones are capable of at school, it is every parent’s wish that they be confident in their own strengths and skills. The thing about October born children is that they are likely to be one of the eldest in their class at school.

This means that they develop sooner than their peers and are more mature. This leads to more self-confidence which in turn, leads to overall confidence in their academic endeavours.

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