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5 sweet Mother's Day traditions to do if you're a new mum

If this coming Sunday is very first Mother's Day, congratulations! There is nothing more important than being appreciated as the mum of a newborn. That feeling that the last few months of hard work, sleepless nights and cold coffee is appreciated not just by your little bundle, but by the rest of the world. 

Below, we have curated a list of five lovely Mother's Day traditions that you can begin this year, and can then look forward to each year thereafter. Go on, let yourself be spoiled:

Establish the lie-in tradition NOW

If you establish a firm lie-in tradition on your first Mother's Day, future you will thank current you for sure. Lie-ins are few and far between as parents and if you are the kind of person who daydreams about sleep, make sure you book a lie-in this Sunday, whether it be with your partner or a family member.

A holiday from housework

Look we're going to be honest with you, this won't always be possible. In years to come your Mother's Day will be taken up with weekend activities, ballet classes and football training. You will have to cook or clean or at least do some laundry on a future Mother's Day. However, this year, when your little squish is happy enough to simply sleep, eat and leave you a Mother's Day gift in his nappy, take advantage. Let a few bits pile up or make it clear on Saturday night, that you will be taking the day off. If cooking does not excite you, do not cook on Mother's Day. Establish this much-needed Mother's Day tradition early on for longer-lasting results!

Take a few snaps- and love yourself in them!

You'll want to remember your first Mother's Day. As veteran mums will tell you, they tend not to be as big a deal as your little ones grow. Share a photo of you and your raison d'etre with your family and friends – and make sure you are VISIBLE. Us mums tend to take the photos and shy away from the snaps, especially post-pregnancy. Yes, your baby is a beauty but so is she who made her. You will be delighted to look back and see how happy you were celebrating your first Mother's Day!

Spoil yourself a little (or a whole lot)

Every woman is different and so her Mother's Day treat will be too. Whether its afternoon tea with your own mum, a glass of bubbles with your other half or a run on the beach with yours truly, take some time out to do you this Mother's Day. The day is not simply about being a mum. Having a break from being a mum could be exactly what you need, even if it's just for a few hours!

Spring has sprung, mums – take advantage!

Sunshine and nature can do wonders for your mummy mental health. Create an outdoor tradition for Mother's Day to honour the imminent arrival of warmer times. If flowers empower you, let your S.O ( or whoever is celebrating with you) know. If a picnic sounds delightful, plan one. Being outside makes everything better and is a great way to spend your first ever Mother's Day!


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