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5 is the best age and this is why

At the threshold of big-kid-ness, my daughter has peaked… so far. I have said it before (at every age except 2) and I'll probably say it again: THIS is the best age. Does every mum feel the same? Does each milestone make you love em' even more? To be perfectly honest, I hope it stops here. I can barely handle this level of love… Here's why:

1. Empathy

Yes, my little one has expressed empathy before now. However, this is different. It's not just the basic 'are you okay' when I stub my toe on the side of the cooker. It's: 'Did I make you upset?' when she knows she's done something wrong. It's asking ME about MY day, unprompted. It's telling her friend's brother to share when she sees his sister crying. It's picking up on all the emotions around her and reacting. This is the first time I no longer have to tell her what she's supposed to feel. She has decided on what is right and what is wrong: She's a person!

2. Humour

The humour of a 5yo is like nothing else, it seems. Old enough to make genuinely funny remarks yet young enough to be innocent of how funny she looks while trying to be funny. Besides from the toilet jokes- and there are many- her attempts at humour are priceless. I even caught her giggling to herself about a joke she told 'in her head'. She has discovered what truly is the best medicine and is prescribing it to those around her every day.

3. Finally… she entertains herself

This is a big one. She was always okay at playing alone but now she’s a pro. My 5yo literally asks for alone time. For the first time, I don’t feel worried about letting her play for a half hour in her room. It’s beautiful. Of course, you keep an ear out while you're doing the dinner on your laptop. But this new found freedom is a world away from having to keep the door open when I'm on the loo!

4. Confidence

If you ever needed some self-love inspo, look to a 5yo. Sassy as hell, my daughter and her pals truly believe they run the world. You ask a toddler what they want to be when they grow up and you will get anything from a princess to a horse. You ask a 5-year-old and they will humbly describe an enriched career that mixes Beyonce with David Attenborough. They LOVE themselves and though it often comes with intense frustration when they struggle with ANYTHING, this level of self-respect is certainly something to aspire to!

5. We can hang out

This is the best one. Of course, we have been 'hanging out' for her entire life. However, I am no longer simply her carer. We can now sit and chat and hang out without me constantly mummying her. We laugh together, talk things through and make up stories. She has opinions that she runs by me and asks to hear mine. It's an unprecedented pleasure and though I miss her baby-self, the kid she has become is so much fun!



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