5 genius ways to tell your child you’re pregnant

If you’ve found out you’re expecting your second child, congratulations! This is such a joyous and exciting time, but you may be wondering what is the best way to tell your first-born that they have a younger sibling on the way- that’s where we come in.

Depending on the age of your child, jealousy is one of the main worries parents have when it comes to welcoming another baby into the family. 

Apart from the fear of jealousy, figuring out a way to tell your young child that you have a baby growing inside your belly and making sure they understand that things will be changing in a few months time can be difficult. 

If you're not sure how to tell your little one you’re expecting in a way that ensures they understand and are excited for this new chapter in your lives, we have some ideas to make the announcement easier.

Buy them a new toy

Treat your child to a toy as you tell them they are going to have a younger sibling arriving soon. A baby doll is a great idea as they can take care of it through play and get used to having a little baby to look after. If not, a cute teddy bear with a little jumper that reads ‘Big Sister’ or ‘Big Brother’ shows them that they have a special part to play when the new baby arrives.

Read them a book about being a big brother or sister 

There are many books on the market now about helping children get used to the idea of having a new sibling in their life. Reading them a story about what is going to change and how great it will be to be an older sibling is a fantastic way to get them ready with the help of a story and pictures.

Show them your ultrasound

Showing them your ultrasound and explaining that the baby is growing inside your tummy may be an easier way to go about telling them the big news. Make sure to use simple language to help them understand what is going on. As the weeks progress, you can keep them involved in your pregnancy by showing them each ultrasound you get, helping them to get excited as the baby grows bigger.

Get them a new outfit

Buying your son or daughter a cute T-shirt that says they’re going to be a big sister or brother is a fun way to share the news as they get to keep the outfit for years to come. A wonderful announcement idea for those little ones who have recently perfected the art of reading all on their own!

Bake a cake

Everyone loves cake, right? Buy or bake a cake in their favourite flavour and decorate it with their favourite colour. Make sure to ice on top that they have been promoted to big bro or sis and explain that the cake is for them to celebrate the special occasion. 

However you decide to tell them, we wish you the best of luck!

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