5 facts about September babies that make them extra sweet

September has flown in with the wind, and us mums have almost forgotten how beautiful it is. From the leaves just beginning to fall and the bustle of back to school, the world seems new and crisp. This stunning month, you might know some lucky mums who are about to welcome a September baby into this brightly coloured month.

You might even have an early- Autumn angel of your own, who is as bright to you as the yellows and crimsons that will soon decorate your street. As a September baby, they are not simply lucky to be born in a gorgeous month. There are many wonderful things about being born at this turning of the seasons, and here are five of them:

1.  They are likely to be good at sport

This is something we all hope for when it comes to our little ones. Being good at physical activity means that your little one will be motivated to keep active and healthy- and we all know what they say about healthy bodies and healthy minds. Research from the International Journal of Sports Medicine showed that babies born in autumn tend to have slightly bigger bones and muscle mass. This means they can become active sooner and therefore, get involved in sport from an earlier age- what wonderful news for parents with September tots!

2.  They are likely to excel in school

No, it is not because the Autumn winds carry knowledge and intelligence to bestow upon them. Its pure science. A recent study confirmed that this is because September babies often have to wait a year before starting school and end up being one of the eldest in their class. This gives them the advantage of age and maturity, makes it easier for them to learn.

3. They are also more likely to behave

In school and in life, it seems. According to the same study, September babies will have no problem following the rules of life. This comes directly from being that year older at school, which increases their chances of reaching college or third level education. This, in turn, makes them less likely to be in trouble with the law as they get older.

4. They won’t be the biggest OR the smallest- they will be somewhere in-between

According to a UK Biobank study, September babas will be right down the middle when it comes to birth weight and size. Winter babies tend to be the teeniest and Summer ones, the biggest. This means your little one’s size and weight might be average as can be.

5. They might be born slightly early

Research by The National Academy of Science found that Autumn babies often stay in their mothers' womb for a week or so less than babies born in the Summer or Spring. This is good news for many, as the uncomfortable final trimester won’t get you down and your baba will arrive on his or her own timetable.

What a wonderful month to bring your baby into the world. Good luck with your September sweethearts.

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