5 ways you can actually support the brand new mum in your life

Being a new mum is the most wonderful, and stressful thing ever. 

Life can get really overwhelming, so when it does, it is important to have a good support system around you. 

For those of you with a new mum in your life, there are certain ways you can help her that will really, really mean a lot. 

Take note people…

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Bring her a fully-prepared, whack in the oven meal

Seems fairly obvious, but you have no idea how much a delicious homemade meal will mean to the new mum. Something like a lasagna or shepherds pie is ideal, comfort food that you can shove in the oven with ease. 

Don't show up unannounced. Ever.

This one is VITAL. Trust us when we say, no new mum likes a surprise visit! If you want to swing by and see the new bundle of joy, or the mum herself, make sure to call ahead.

Know she might be late – or cancel.

When it comes to new mums, it is really important that you don't hold it against her if she cancels plans, or arrives late. Be considerate, and give her the benefit of the doubt. 

'Let me know if you need anything' doesn't mean anything

Chances are, the mum won't be able to think of anything she needs on the spot. Instead of offering "anything", try offering to do something specific for her. Maybe go get her food shopping, or do her ironing? Small things make a big difference. 

Watch the baby so she can have a shower 

YES! You would be surprised how easy it is to go days without showering when you have a newborn to look after. Offer to watch the baby, and let the new mum have a long, well deserved shower. 

Just be there for her! 

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