40 names inspired by nature for your baby boy or girl

If you are struggling to settle on a name for your baby, have you ever thought about looking to nature for a little inspiration?

With all the splendour that surrounds us in the plants, flowers and seasons, you are sure to find one that really reflects the beauty of life.


Autumn name of a season

Blossom meaning fresh

Blue the colour of the sky

Briar meaning a thorny patch

Clementine meaning merciful

Daisy meaning day’s eye

Dawn meaning awakening

Dahlia meaning from the valley   

Fawn meaning young deer

Hazel Hazel tree

Gaia meaning from the earth

Ivy name of a plant

Iris name of a flower

Meadow place in nature

Poppy name of a flower

Robyn meaning bright and shining

Summer name of a season

Skye name of a Scottish Isle

Storm a part of nature

Willow meaning the willow tree


Ash meaning Ash tree

Aspen meaning a place or a tree

Blaze meaning a flame

Basil meaning king or regal

Barrow meaning living by a grove

Bear meaning strong, brave

Cliff meaning river near a cliff

Dale meaning lives in the valley

Forrest meaning woodsman or woods

Flint meaning stream

Glenn meaning from the valley

Hawke meaning a bird

Haywood meaning enclosed wood

Laurel meaning a Laurel tree

Leo meaning brave

River meaning river stream

Sage meaning wise person

Vale meaning lives in the valley  

Wolf meaning loyal

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