35 nicknames that would make the most adorable first names


No matter what name you choose for your little boy or girl, it's almost guaranteed that someone, whether it's family or friends (when they're older), will shorten it.

So why not just skip the middleman and opt for a nickname as a first name when they are born? 

We have found 35 of our favourite nicknames below but you can always create your own (and your little one will DEFINITELY be the only person in class with that name!)


1. Abbie (Abigail)

2. Andie (Andrea)

3. Bea (Beatrice)

4. Becca (Rebecca)

5. Cory (Cordella)

6. Dot (Dorothy)

7. Elle (Ellen)

8. Emme (Emmeline)

9. Fi (Fiona)

10. Florrie (Florence)

11. Gaby (Gabrielle)

12. Izzy (Isabelle)

13. Kitty (Catherine)

14. Libby (Elizabeth)

15. Liv (Olivia)

16. Maddie (Madeleine)

17. Maisie (Margaret)

18. Molly (Mary)

19. Penny (Penelope)

20. Tess (Teresa)


21. Al (Alan)

22. Alex (Alexander)

23. Andy (Andrew)

24. Ash (Ashley)

25. Ben (Benjamin)

26. Billy (William) 

27. Charlie (Charles)

28. Dec (Declan)

29. Dex (Dexter)

30. Drew (Andrew)

31. Fitz (Fitzgerald)

32. Jace (Jason)

33. Seb (Sebastian)

34. Wyn (Winston)

35. Zeke (Ezekiel)

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