31 surnames that make really cute first names

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and his wife Nicole welcomed their second child early this week, and gave him a name that has inspired this piece.  

The couple named their son Beckett Richard Phelps.

Beckett. A surname mostly associated with Irish playwright and poet Samuel Beckett. 

But it was their decision to use a surname as a first name that really got us thinking. There are so many names out there that we cross off immediately because they are not 'typical' first names. 

Well, it's time to do a Phelps and start looking at surnames in your baby naming quest. 

And, to be honest, seeing as you're not opting for the traditional choice you can use these names for boys and girls. 

1. Anderson 

2. Ashley

3. Beckett

4. Brady 

5. Callaghan

6. Cassidy 

7. Cohen  

8. Conway

9. Coleman

10. Clare 

11. Connor  

12. Davis 

13. Dwyer

14. Ellis

15. Finley 

16. James

17. Jones

18. Kavanagh 

19. Kennedy 

20. Miller

21. Murphy 

22. Nolan 

23. Quinn 

24. Quinlan 

25. Ryan 

26. Riley 

27. Sullivan 

28. Sheridan 

29. Smyth 

30. Taylor

31. Thompson

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