31 baby girl names that celebrate summer in all its wonderful glory

The summer is most definitely in full swing (although you might not think that looking out the window right now!).

The days are lovely and long, and the sun has made a number of appearances in recent days for us to have actually felt the full effect of its wonderful rays.

And that's not the only good thing about this time of year: there is also plenty of name-inspiration! From flowers to the months, you certainly won't be at a loss as to what to call your child if you are expecting in the next couple of months! 

To help you on your baby naming quest, we have compiled a list of 31 names that would be suitable if you are expecting a little girl. 

1. Adina

2. Alba

3. Aurora

4. August

5. Blue 

6. Birdie (if Busy Phillips can use it, so can you!)

7. Bonnie

8. Calinda

9. Dahlia

10. Daisy

11. Eden

12. Indie

13. Iris

14. Isla

15. Jasmine

16. Julie

17. June

18. Lena

19. Lily

20. May 

21. Marigold or Mari for short 

22. Pearl

23. Poppy 

24. Rose

25. River

26. Skye

27. Soleil

28. Serena

29. Samhraidh (Sow-rah)

30. Summer

31. Violet

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