30 traditional names for baby boys and girls

Trying to pick a name for your son or daughter is not easy, especially when there are so many gorgeous options to choose from. One of our favourite types of names are traditional ones. They hold so much sentimental value as they’ve been passed through generations and they’re just so strong and noble too.

Some of our favourites are beloved by the Royal Family. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decided to call their first daughter Charlotte when she was born in 2015.

We’ve gathered up our 15 favourite traditional names for girls and boys to share with those of you preparing to welcome a tiny tot into your life in the coming months.

For Girls

  1. Alice meaning noble

  2. Elizabeth meaning God is my oath

  3. Catherine meaning pure

  4. Margaret after Princess Margaret

  5. Edith meaning blessed

  6. Diana after Princess Diana

  7. Rose after the flower

  8. Anne meaning grace

  9. Sophie meaning wisdom

  10. Emma meaning universal

  11. Victoria meaning victory

  12. Amelia meaning industrious

  13. Alexandra meaning defender of mankind

  14. Beatrice meaning she who brings happiness

  15. Olivia meaning olive tree

For Boys

  1. Harry meaning house ruler

  2. Oliver meaning the olive tree

  3. George meaning farmer

  4. William after Prince William

  5. Charles or Charlie as a nickname

  6. Arthur meaning noble

  7. James meaning supplanter

  8. Theodore meaning God-given

  9. Oscar meaning divine spear

  10. Jack meaning God is gracious

  11. Aubrey meaning power

  12. Eric meaning ruler

  13. Timothy meaning honouring of God

  14. Louis meaning famous warrior

  15. Nicholas meaning victory

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