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30 things every mama worries about during the winter months

Winter has come and boy do we know it. The weather has been positively SHOCKING and it's us mums that feel it the most. Layering yourself up and bracing each bitter winter day is one thing. However, when you have a house full of snotty small humans to keep warm over the cold weeks, you can't help but miss the warm weather.

To remind you that you are not alone, here are 20 winter blues all mums dread this time of year!

1. Snots… Everywhere

2. Losing little hats

3. Odd gloves

4. Saying 'put your coat on' a million times

5. Uncomfortable toddlers in 100 layers

6. Sweaty foreheads under woolly hats

7. Frozen little feet in the morning

8. Massive heating bills

9. Tired tiny humans as the days get dark and short

10. Taking 100 years to layer everyone up before you leave the house

11. Feeling like you have to put tights under everything to keep them cosy

12. That first sniffle of a cold

13. Leaving the park at 3pm instead of 5pm because it's too dark

15. Little feet that trip on unravelling scarves

16. The sound of your baby coughing at 4 am

17. That first head scratch indicating you have guests for the cold season

18. Having to entertain them indoors for hours

19. Running out of healthy and wholesome meal ideas to keep the winter bugs at bay

20. Packing extra layers everywhere you go

21. Dirty tissues found in pockets

22. Hours spent drying laundry indoors

23. Frozen little hands that refuse to wear gloves

24. Finding clean vests every morning

25. Keeping them warm at night as they kick off their duvet

26. Rushing to dress them quickly after a bath so they don't get cold

27. Driving EVERYWHERE because of the weather

28. Taking off all their layers so they are safe in car seats

29. That one child in every family that refuses to wear a coat

30. Sticking to your budget as Christmas looms

What are your least favourite things about parenting in winter?

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