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30 of the weirdest Halloween costumes suggested by my daughter

Halloween is a wonderful time of year that inspires creativity in our little ones. My five-year-old expressed her concern about choosing a costume back in August, and ever since, has been throwing ideas around to see what we think.

If she has taught me anything, it's that anything and everything can be a Halloween costume, if you only use your imagination. Here is my list of 30 weird and wonderful costumes suggested by my five-year-old daughter.


  1. A zombie Pokeball

  2. Half Simba and half Nala

  3. The chicken thing from Moana

  4. A bus

  5. A bad person

  6. A puddle

  7. Me when I was pregnant with her

  8. A dead duck

  9. A random toy from inside a Kinder Egg

  10. A Joker (yes, the one from the current film. Lovely.)

  11. A jumping jack

  12. A broken phone

  13. Non- recyclable packaging (this suggestion came after I exclaimed that it's was 'scary' that a certain plastic packing wasn't recyclable)

  14. Santa

  15. A tree hit by lightning

  16. The beast from Beauty and the Beast

  17. A light bulb

  18. A fart

  19. A bad idea

  20. A scratch card

  21. Zombie Beyoncé

  22. Zombie Lizzo

  23. Dead Pikachu

  24. A French person

  25. A computer mouse

  26. A lawnmower

  27. Her teacher

  28. A rude song

  29. A two-euro coin

  30. Donald Trump











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