30 Netflix inspired baby names for your son or daughter

Netflix is churning out some pretty amazing entertainment these days, and with these incredible shows and films come some beautiful names.

Check out this list of 30 gorgeous names – 15 for girls and 15 for boys- inspired by Netflix.

For girls:

Alyssa – the sarcastic and dark main character from End Of The F***ing World.

Annaliese – the Psychology professor from Mindhunter

Anne – with an E of course, inspired by Anne of Green gables from the show Anne With An E

Casey – the cool and sporty big sis from Atypical

Cheryl – the redhead bombshell from Riverdale

Eleanor – a traditional name for a not-so-traditional main character in The Good Place

Emaline – the dramatic character from Everything Sucks!

Evangeline – Nolan’s mother in Bloodline

Lainie – After Clay’s mother in 13 Reasons Why

Maeve – after the feisty and strong female lead in Sex Education

Nadia – the software engineer who is reliving her 36th birthday in Russian Doll

Nancy – after Nancy Wheeler, the big sister from Stranger Things

Piper – the main character from Orange Is the New Black

Tilda – the holistic doctor from Luke Cage

Violet – The eldest Baudelaire sibling and an inventor in A Series of Unfortunate Events

For boys:

Aidan – the data scientist from House of Cards

Archie – after the redhead hero from Riverdale

Ash- the main character from season two of Black Mirror

Dustin – the lovable science-obsessed boy from Stranger Things

Fabio – the high-ranking cartel member from Narcos

Grayson – the expelled high school student from American Vandal

Holden – the FBI special agent in Mindhunter

Jesse- after Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad

Jonas – the high school student from Dark who struggles after his father’s death.

Jonathan – after Jonathan Byers from Stranger Things

Klaus – the middle Baudelaire child from A Series of Unfortunate Events

Luther – the astronaut with superhuman strength from The Umbrella Academy

Otis – the adorably awkward main character in Sex Education

Remi – Otis’ estranged father in Sex Education

Walter – the main character from Breaking Bad


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