30 lovely names for your baby that mean strength and health

Trying times will not stop the joy of a new baby! We have come up with some stunning names for your little one (or that of someone you know) that mean strength and health.

For your strong and healthy boy:

Arnie: this name comes from the old English name Arnold, meaning ‘ruler as strong as an eagle’, but we love the shorter version by itself.

Conall: an Irish name meaning ‘strong as a wolf’

Etan: a Hebrew name meaning ‘strong and firm’

Hale: a name of English origins meaning ‘healthy hero’

Jian: a Chinese name meaning ‘strong, healthy’

Kenji: a Japanese name meaning ‘healthy and strong’

Ned: an English name meaning ‘healthy guardian’

Neron: a Spanish name meaning ‘strong’

Omar: meaning ‘long life’. Omar has both Hebrew and Arabic origins

Ryker: a Danish name meaning ‘super strength’

Salvio: a Latin name meaning ‘cured’

Takeo: a Japanese name meaning ‘strong as a bamboo’

Valentino: meaning ‘strong and healthy.’

Wyatt: an English name meaning ‘strong’

Zale:  Greek name meaning ‘sea-strength’

For your strong and healthy girl:

Alsie: a name with Greek origins that means ‘strong-willed’

Bree: a name with Irish origins, Bree means ‘strength’

Imala: a native American name meaning ‘strong-minded’

Isa: a German name, again meaning ‘strong-willed’

Priscilla: a Latin derived name meaning ‘long life’

Sadia: a Portuguese name meaning ‘healthy’

Valentina: meaning ‘good health’

Yvie: pronounced like the name Evie, Yvie means ‘full of life.’

Zoe: a name of Greek origin meaning ‘life’

Eloise: derived from a Germanic name ‘Helewidis’ meaning ‘healthy’

Keola: meaning ‘life’ or ‘alive’, this name originates from Hawaii

Saige: meaning ‘wise and healthy’

Chea: this name has Indian origins and means ‘healthy’ and ‘well-being’

Kyana: an Arabic name meaning ‘health and spirituality’

Riki: an Indian name meaning ‘healthy and powerful’

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