30 gorgeous ‘F’ baby names to honour your newborn’s February birth

We’ve made it to February!

A new month signifies many things, including the fact that many little ones will be brought into the world this month.

In the leadup to giving birth, many expectant parents focus on finding the perfect baby name for their new son or daughter. However, with endless options these days, it can be overwhelming to find the right choice for your baby.

So, if you are expecting to give birth at some stage in February, why not name your incoming little one in honour of their birth month?

Below, we have devised a list of 30 stunning baby names, all of which begin with the letter ‘F’. As you prepare to welcome your newborn, hopefully one of these beautiful ‘February’ names will spark a bit of inspiration for you:

For the girls…

1. Fiona

2. Faith

3. Freya

4. Frankie

5. Faye

6. Felicity

7. Francesca

8. Flora

9. Flossie

10. Fenella

11. Fantine

12. Florence

13. Feleicia

14. Ferne

15. Fleur

And for the boys…

1. Finn

2. Freddie

3. Felix

4. Finneas

5. Fletcher

6. Forrest

7. Frank

8. Flynn

9. Fuller

10. Finley

11. Frederick

12. Fergus

13. Fulton

14. Franklin

15. Fred

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