30 baby names inspired by all of your favourite Bridgerton characters

It’s almost time to return to the ton!

In just one week’s time, season three of Bridgerton will be arriving on Netflix. With it being two years since it was last on our screens, many fans couldn’t be more excited to be reunited with their beloved characters.

As the Bridgerton universe continues to expand (most notably with the addition of the Queen Charlotte spin-off last year), we are also getting lots of inspiration for regency baby names. 

If you are expecting a baby within the next few months, and if you’re a huge fan of the Bridgerton series, then why not consider naming your newborn after one of your favourite characters?

Below, we have devised a comprehensive list of 30 Bridgerton baby names, all of which are characters from the show. Even Lady Whistledown herself would be impressed with these choices:

Credit: Netflix

For the girls…

1. Penelope

2. Daphne

3. Kate

4. Edwina

5. Hyacinth

6. Eloise

7. Siena

8. Francesca

9. Portia

10. Violet

11. Agatha

12. Charlotte

13. Marina

14. Prudence

15. Cressida

16. Genevieve

17. Rose

18. Phillipa

Credit: Netflix

And for the boys…

1. Colin

2. Simon

3. Anthony

4. Benedict

5. Gregory

6. Augie

7. Edmund

8. George

9. Theo

10. Will

11. Jack

12. Henry

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