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25 little things every mum worries about during the day

From big things to tiny things, the life of a mum is taken up with thoughts and concerns throughout the day.

People tell us not to worry, but it is easier said than done. Some days we find ourselves fretting about the tiniest and silliest things, but it's all part of this crazy journey that is motherhood.

Here are 25 of the little worries that ALL mammas can relate to:

  1. Cutting the crusts off toast

  2. That missing left sock

  3. That walk they do when they are about to outgrow their shoes

  4. Chewing hair

  5. Chewing sleeves

  6. Chewing anything that isn’t food

  7. Puddles without wellies

  8. Month-old crumbs in pockets

  9. Curious stains

  10. When they suddenly hate your go-to-meal you thought was a winner

  11. That missing right shoe

  12. That filthy toy they love

  13. That tiny toy they love and keep losing

  14. White tights that never stay white

  15. Clips or bobbins stuck in curls

  16. Fingers up noses

  17. Inanimate objects up noses

  18. Separating food on a plate

  19. A place to store school art work

  20. The lids of bottles and sippy cups

  21. An itchy head

  22. A mysterious rash

  23. Leaving cups of tea or coffee within reach

  24. Unidentifiable loud noises

  25. Inexplicable silences

And yet we wouldn't change it for the world.

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