25 delightful baby names for your darling daughter

Are you set to welcome a baby girl into the world this month? If you’re struggling to find the perfect moniker for your darling daughter then fear not, we’ve got 25 gorgeous options that you’ll fall in love with.

Let us know which name is your favourite!

  1. Sophie meaning wisdom

  2. Roisin meaning little rose

  3. Kim meaning brave

  4. Hallie meaning Praise the Lord

  5. Beth short for Bethany

  6. Diana meaning the supplier of beneficence and wellness

  7. Lea meaning lion

  8. Aria meaning treasure

  9. Marigold after the flower

  10. June after the month she was born

  11. Ciara meaning dark-haired

  12. Fia meaning wild

  13. Marie meaning wished for child

  14. Fleur meaning flower

  15. Hannah meaning favour

  16. Abigail meaning father’s joy

  17. Elizabeth meaning My God is an oath

  18. Jamie meaning supplanter

  19. Ellie short for Eleanor

  20. Charlotte after Princess Charlotte

  21. Josie short for Josephine

  22. Annie meaning gracious

  23. Penelope meaning weaver

  24. Vivienne meaning alive

  25. Caitlin meaning pure

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