The sweetest names for your January baby that mean new beginnings

January can be a dark and cold month. However, it can also be a month that celebrates new beginnings and brings hope for the year to come. If you are welcoming a new arrival this month- or if you know someone who is- here are top names for a joyful January baby, inspired by new beginnings!

For your little girl

Hope – for well wishes of for the year to come

Nova – a Latin word for new

Dawn – for the dawning of a brand-new year

Genevieve – January 3rd marks the feast day of St Genevieve

Nadine – a French name meaning hope

Aurora – the Roman goddess of the dawn

Epiphany – the celebration of the three kings’ visit to Bethlehem on January 6

Angela – a Latin word for angel. The feast of St. Angela is celebrated on January 27

Zara – meaning bright as the dawn

Amal – an Arabic word for hope

For your little boy

Caspar – one of three wise men who visited Bethlehem on January 6th

Kai – meaning new beginning

Altan – meaning dawn

Ewan – meaning young

Ordell – meaning beginning

Xavier – meaning bright

Von – meaning hope

Elvis – after the king of rock n roll, Elvis Presley who was born on January 9, 1935

Felix – Latin for happy and fortunate, this name symbolises good luck for the year ahead

Ethan – meaning steadfast, firmness, and long-lived. This name is ideal for a baby born at the beginning of the year.

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