24 adorable baby names inspired by birds

Our feathered friends that rule the skies make us smile every day. We hear them chirping on the school run or watch in awe as flocks of them dance together in the sky. If you are expecting a little chick of your own (or know someone who is) we have come up with 24 chirpy and charming baby names inspired by birds.

For your little boy:

1. Bran- A Celtic word for Crow.

2. Callum- A Scottish word for ‘dove’

3. Colm- An Irish word for ‘dove’.

4. Corbin- From the crow family, Corvidae.

5. Crane- A large bird with a long neck and long legs.

6. Efron- A Jewish word for Bird.

7. Faulkner- Meaning Falcon trainer.

8. Finch- A cheeky bird, meaning to swindle.

9. Jay- Inspired by the Jaybird.

9. Jonah- Meaning ‘dove’.

10. Phoenix- The mythical bird who rises from the ashes.

11. Sparrow- A symbol or protection in some cultures, Nicole Richie named her little boy Sparrow.

12. Swift- The fastest flying bird, the perfect name for your little mover.

For your little girl:

1. Ava- From the Latin word ‘avis’, meaning bird.

2. Aya- A Hebrew word for ‘bird’.

3. Circe- The name of the strong yet malicious Queen from Game of Thrones, Circe comes from the Greek word ‘kirke’, meaning ‘bird’.

4. Deryn- A Welch word for ‘bird’.

5. Evelyn- An old Irish term meaning ‘beautiful bird’.

6. Nydia- A Latin word for ‘nest’.

7. Phoebe- The eastern phoebe is a small bird, native to America.

8. Raven- the jet-black bird that inspired Raven Simone’s name, popularised by the TV show, That’s So Raven.

9. Reah- A large flightless bird that looks a bit like an Ostrich.

10. Robin- For the red-breasted bird who is native to Ireland.

11. Sephora- Another Hebrew word for ‘bird’ and the name of the gorgeous Italian beauty store.

12. Wren- A tiny yet stocky little bird, also native to Ireland.

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